Airwalker Balloons

Airwalker Helium Balloons – The Balloons that walk on air! We have a fantastic range in store including 22 different characters to choose from.

Airwalkers are different from normal balloons as weights are put in the feet so they are perfectly balanced and can glide along the floor when pushed or pulled.

Sizes vary with some (stormtrooper) being a whopping 1m 77cm tall.

If you are after a particular Airwalker which you don’t see, just send us a message and we will do what we can to order it in for you if possible. 

To see Pictures of our customers Airwalker Helium balloons (as real-life photos can look very different from these 2d images) head over to our Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook page.

Below are some Airwalker Balloons we currently don’t have in stock but can order in for you on request

*All our balloons the price you see is the price including helium*